So very proud of our team, Dr. Hunter, Winnie Cooper, Lorri Finotti Dawn Yates Franker, Amanda Swann, Meagann Mitchell, Lance Edmiston, Faith Clause, Fran Miller, Frank Teeter, Patty Combs, and to Kate Haygood for providing the entertainment. Thanks also to Paige M. Ates for bringing this cause to our attention so that we could help. Thank you Tom Beckwith for covering the event; we appreciate your efforts bringing attention to this cause.


Dr. Hunter’s Grandfather “Boots” (Major Miller Payne Warren Jr) was a West Point Graduate, serving in the US Army in the Philippines during WW2. Boots was captured by the Japanese and forced on the famed Bataan Death March. After Boots had been in in a POW camp for a couple years, the Japanese were losing their stronghold in the Pacific, and they chose to relocate Boots and his fellow prisoners to cattle ships (still full of stock yard waste!) and freighters to transfer them to Japan as slaves. Unfortunately, the unmarked “Jap Cattle Boats” were bombed by MacArthur’s forces – who had no idea the ships carried prisoners of war held under such conditions. The few survivors called the them “Hell Ships.” Boots did not survive.


Advanced Neurosciences Institute, Dr. Samuel Hunter, and our team, in honor of Major Miller “Boots” Payne Warren Jr., were proud to sponsor the Mad Hatter Tea Party to honor female veterans living at the Tennessee State Veterans Home. We salute you Boots, and all our beloved Veterans. Thank you for your service!