• The Educational and Research Arm of the Advanced Neurosciences Institute

    Founded in 1991, NeuroNexus is a 501(c)3 that includes Novel Pharmaceutics Institute committed to the research and treatment of multiple sclerosis. The goal of this foundation is to find a cure and discover restorative medication reversing damage created by inflammatory responses in the brain and spinal cord.  Advanced Neurosciences Institute investigators collaborate through NeuroNexus conducting research involving stroke, brain development and repair, and advancement in medical research technology for the management of neurological diseases and patient education. ANI works in conjunction with NeuroNexus, 501(c)3 medical education and research foundation.

    Call 615.791.5470 to request a consultation.  

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  • Research Studies

    Free Research Screening Offered

    Call main number at 615.791.5470 and request research coordinator. Research trials are available for qualifying individuals who meet criteria for entry. We are happy to answer questions regarding opportunities. Current open studies are outlined below. Services and medications provided varies between trials. In some cases, compensation is available to cover travel and meals. ANI investigators are involved in research involving stroke, basic understanding of brain development and repair, and advancement in medical research technology for management of neurological diseases.

    buy genuine Quetiapine Atara Study: This study is for patients of ages 18-55 with progressive forms of MS, that have not had a relapse in 24 months, and have documented “worsening” or significant disability. Patients must be able to walk with or without assistance. ATA188 is the experimental treatment consisting of bio-engineered T-cells that will be infused during this trial. Subjects will complete a pre-screen consent for HLA matching via blood draw. Once a match is found, subjects will be called to begin the screening process. Patient will be compensated $100 per visit after pre-screen match is found. An MRI, lumbar puncture, 12 lead-ECG, and other testing will be involved with this study.


  • Who We Are and What We Do

    Providing patients, the public, and professionals a better understanding of neuroscience through education.

    Principal goals at NeuroNexus are:

    • To enhance the local and regional access of students to neuroscience expertise
    • To provide expertise to the pharmaceutical industry
    • To support local research missions for treatment and diagnosis of neurological disease.
      The NeuroNexus facility provides a conference area for research work, a public forum for presentations on neuroscience topic, and specialized information on neurological disorders. Mentoring and docent services are available through the organization.
    • Our staff has offered CME course credit courses, hosted professional roundtables and webinars, and focused on “floating all the boats” in the community and region through education of the public and medical professionals on neurological disease.

    Our current efforts focus on producing resources for lesson plans in neurosciences, enhancing recruitment to medical research trials, and obtaining a regular schedule of educational events in our center and across the seven-state area our associated medical practice, Advanced Neurosciences Institute serves.

    Our board members are proud to be active in all levels of outreach and development of educational programs and clinical research. We also strive to develop strong partnerships with organizations in education, workforce development, non-profit organizations that serve medical and research needs, and local and state government.




  • Our Secondary Education Mission

    We believe that collaboration among educators, the public sector and private industry is the key to strengthening public education in advanced science, technology and medical careers and cultivating the next generation of professionals in those fields.

    In the field of secondary education, we are committed to making sure teachers and administrators have the resources they need to make instruction in the field of science as dynamic and relevant as possible. Through our efforts with Tennessee educators, we hope to strengthen the quality and increase the availability of educational opportunities to students across the state. We are affiliated with Advanced Neurosciences Institute and the medical practice of Dr. Samuel F. Hunter.


    • To provide an online portal for teachers where they can access, free of charge, learning tools, unit and lesson plans, video, presentations and other resources that will assist them in creating dynamic lesson plans that incorporate the latest information and technology.
    • To facilitate collaborative efforts for teachers in content-specific areas so they can share ideas and create lesson plans or other resources that can be shared via NeuroNexus.org.
    • To fund and coordinate professional development activities for teachers in a variety of STEM-related subject areas.
    • To coordinate and disseminate the information and resources available from the wide variety of business leaders, community groups, nonprofits, local governments and professionals in the STEM-related subject areas, and specifically medical and science fields, for easier access by educators at the state and local level.
    • To encourage students and teachers to pursue interests in highly specialized areas of medical, technical and science careers, as well as provide them with the support and funding to do so.
    • To provide direct enrichment and educational programs to students in forms that content-rich, rigorous, dynamic and intended to support student interest in STEM area careers that require post-secondary degrees.
    • To facilitate access to opportunities for at-risk students interested in STEM careers.