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This month we welcome winter and greet 2021. We’ll discuss maintaining a good healthy weight, share some informational videos with critical information and more. Click here to read now Are you receiving the latest news, information, and more from Dr. Hunter, ANI, and NeuroNexus? If not, we can send it directly to your inbox each...… Read more »
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This month say goodbye to 2020. And while we do, we discuss a cause of sleepiness and fatigue for those dealing with MS, ways for you to give back at year’s end, and a bit about those who experience lack of response during treatment. Click here to read now! Are you receiving the latest news,...… Read more »
N95 Mask
Bandannas, gaiters, and knitted masks are some of the least effective face coverings for preventing the spread of coronavirus, according to a new study. Researchers at Duke University made the discovery while testing 14 different types of masks, according to the study published Friday. N95 masks, often used by health…[for more click here!] Read more »
Multiple Sclerosis
Summer is a time to enjoy the wonderful fruits and vegetables that the season brings. These offerings tend to find their way into our diets and should be seriously considered. People with MS are well-advised to maintain a healthy diet, as diet can interfere with their energy level, bladder and bowel health, and possibly shift their...… Read more »
On August 29, 2020, Samuel F. Hunter, MD, Ph.D., along with MS Neurologist & Paul Pelland will be discussing the latest on Multiple Sclerosis in Memphis. Topics discussed will include: What are the different types of MS? Understanding MS relapse, recovery, and treatment options. How to access the care and specialists you may need to...… Read more »
Dr. Hunter was honored in the Ones to Watch category during the 2019 NBJ Health Care Awards dinner that held at the Omni Hotel last May. The Health Care Awards honor the city’s top business leaders in the health care industry — the leaders who help make Music City the nation’s health care capital. The...… Read more »